Deep Democracy


Informed, democratically chosen public policy on any issues is impossible without electoral integrity.  Since 2004, a major focus of our work has been participation in – and documentation of – America’s growing election protection movement.  As the 2016 electoral debacle has made clear, our voting system is seriously flawed by multiple vulnerabilities including voter suppression, false vote reporting, party corruption, hackable electronic voting and tabulation machines, gerrymandering, and big data manipulation of public opinion enabled by massive corporate and billionaire spending. 

As public awareness grows, pressures for substantives reforms are building.  Our work contributes to that process.


From a recent article:

Tragedy, Comedy and Farce All Rolled Into One
The official mythic revisionism of the recent US electoral debacle now seems to be settling firmly into place: Putin did it – the outcome was a result of ‘Russian influence.’

One can see how the Russian Influence Mind Fogging Meme might be mutually convenient for the elites of both parties to unite behind.

For the Dems it deflects attention away from their terminal corruption and incompetence.

For the GOP it deflects attention away from their gargantuan election theft apparatus, patiently assembled by the ruthless radical right-wing billionaires over the past decades .

For the deluded and dis-informed members of the American populace it provides someone to hate besides themselves and each other... Read more