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Our core issues are Nuclear & Wireless Radiation Protection and Election Integrity.

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1. Nuclear Free Future

This consistent focus of our work for the last four decades is about nuclear power, weapons and waste, their inseparable connections, and their short and long term damaging impacts on human health and genetic integrity and that of all planetary life forms...  Read more


2. Wireless Radiation Health Protections

Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) pollution, or electro-smog, has changed the entire planetary environment since 1940 to one totally different from what our cells and all terrestrial lifeforms have evolved in for millennia... 

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3. Planetarian Perspectives on Deep Democracy

Informed, democratically chosen public policy on any issues is impossible without electoral integrity.  Since 2004, a major focus of our work has been participation in – and documentation of – America’s growing election protection movement...

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SHUTDOWN - The San Onofre Story

Alarmed by Fukushima, Southern Californian residents win a fight to shut down their leaking nuclear power plant, but they soon discover the threat isn't over and find themselves battling tons of nuclear waste being dumped, in damaged canisters, just yards from the rising sea.

You can help this film to completion with a tax-exempt donation.

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EON provides media reporting on activists and organizations working - at local, national and international levels - for peaceful, sustainable solutions to the planetary challenges we share.