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Working for a Nuclear Free Future


The consistent focus of our work for the last four decades is about nuclear power, weapons and waste, their inseparable connections, and their short and long term damaging impacts on human health and genetic integrity and that of all planetary life forms. 

Two themes characterize the Atomic Age: industry and government pro-nuclear propaganda and cover-ups, and informed public opposition to nuclear weapons, energy and waste proliferation. 

While our planet will never again be free of the genetic and environmental contamination that is the permanent legacy of the Atomic Age, a future free of the threat of nuclear war and nuclear reactor disasters, and the responsible long-term management of radioactive waste is still an achievable possibility with growing international support.   Our projects seek to nurture and further that possibility.

Here's an article on Counterpunch  by EON Co-Director James Heddle:

The Real Nuclear Triad: Energy, Weapons and Waste

Never before has the unbreakable connection between nuclear energy, weapons and waste been so blatantly obvious to the public eye…yet, with so little notice.

Although President Trump has threatened to obliterate North Korea and its 25 million people ‘with fire and fury the like of which the world has never seen,’ the NYT is reporting that America’s Asian allies doubt Washington’s ‘resolve’ to defend them with nuclear weapons and they want their own – an idea recently also floated by Trump himself.

In a new twist on the last century’s discredited ‘Atoms for Peace’ meme, the new nuclear delusion seems to be that the more countries that have nuclear weapons (Iran and North Korea excepted), the more ‘secure’ the world will become.

Speaking recently at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, Trump’s VP Mike Pence, a self-declared devout Christian who ‘gave my life to Jesus,’ declared “… there’s no greater force for peace in the world than the United States nuclear arsenal.”