EON Accomplishments: Report to Funders and Supporters‭ ‬2018


Dear‭ ‬EON‭ ‬Friends,‭

Despite‭ ‬the‭ ‬scandals and‭ ‬atrocities du jour,‭ ‬our EON team continues to be focused on key existential issues that directly impact all planetary life‭ ‬-‭ ‬manmade ionizing radiation‭ ‬(nuclear‭) ‬and manmade non-ionizing wireless‭ ‬radiofrequency/electromagnetic‭ (‬RF/EMF‭)‬ radiation and‭ ‬the‭ ‬election integrity necessary to deal with them.‭ ‬We‭’‬re increasing the flow of accurate information‭ ‬by‭ ‬documenting the‭ ‬political‭ ‬processes‭ ‬that decide how these toxins are managed.‭ ‬We‭’‬re taking action,‭ ‬testifying and‭ ‬officially‭ ‬commenting on government policy.‭ ‬We‭’‬re joining forces‭ ‬with wonderful,‭ ‬committed people‭ ‬on the local,‭ ‬state and national levels advocating sane,‭ ‬sustainable solutions and working to reduce risk.

Your‭ ‬on-going‭ ‬support‭ ‬is what‭ ‬allows us to continue‭ ‬to confront these‭ ‬key‭ ‬planetary crises.

Our Work in the Past Year


SHUTDOWN‭ ‬-‭ ‬The Case of San Onofre‭

Nuclear is the quintessential tyrannous,‭ ‬totalitarian technology,‭ ‬terminally inimical to democracy and to life itself.‭ ‬Fukushima is the future,‭ ‬if nuclear abolition is not soon achieved.‭ ‬At San Onofre and at Diablo Canyon,‭ ‬Californians are fighting to prevent two potential Fukushima’s from happening here.‭ ‬Our Shutdown documentary project is a part of that fight.

Eight years in the making,‭ ‬SHUTDOWN‭ ‬– The Case of San Onofre is now‭ ‬evolving‭ ‬as a feature-length documentary.‭ ‬

It's‭ ‬a dramatic,‭ ‬character and issue-driven story showing the power of informed citizen action‭ ‬dealing with the‭ ‬gripping national conundrum now confronting nuclear reactor‭ ‬communities across the country.‭ ‬What to do with‭ ‬the‭ ‬accumulated tons of lethal radioactive waste now stranded on reactor sites,‭ ‬as the nation‭’‬s fleet of aging nuclear reactors face a cascade of looming shutdowns‭?

Election Integrity

One year ago‭ ‬we videoed selected talks by our friends from‭ ‬a Conference on Election Integrity because for policies to change,‭ ‬we‭ ‬desperately need honest elections.‭ ‬Though the wireless radiation and nuclear issues have dominated our focus since then,‭ ‬we fervently hope you all vote in this critically important midterm November‭ ‬6‭ ‬election.‭ ‬And as you do,‭ ‬please be aware of‭ ‬and take‭ ‬whatever‭ ‬action you can against‭ ‬the myriad ploys to disenfranchise‭ ‬millions of‭ ‬voters‭ (‬mainly the poor,‭ ‬young,‭ ‬old,‭ ‬African Americans,‭ ‬Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans‭) ‬as well as the easily hacked electronic voting machines and electronic voting tabulators.‭

Documenting‭ & ‬Helping to Catalyze the Resurgent Nuclear Free Movement

On Our popular EON YouTube Channel     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWlZt-JtE1s   MB speaks at a Nuclear Regulatory Comm. hearing in Roswell, New Mexico - EON Photo

On Our popular EON YouTube Channel


MB speaks at a Nuclear Regulatory Comm. hearing in Roswell, New Mexico - EON Photo

Our‭ ‬2018‭ ‬work has taken us down the California coast to Diablo Canyon and San Onofre,‭ ‬as well as to the deserts of New Mexico,‭ ‬and Texas,‭ ‬where nuclear waste entrepreneurs are pushing for nuclear waste from California’s reactors to be shipped.‭ ‬Residents around San Onofre have been told this is a‭ ‬great‭ ‬possibility to get rid of their lethal waste and that people in New Mexico and west Texas‭ ‬really‭ ‬want‭ ‬it.‭

In April,‭ ‬we‭ ‬traveled to New Mexico to document the passionate refusal by the New Mexican people‭ ‬to consent to receiving‭ ‬any more radioactive waste and‭ ‬we‭ ‬joined them in‭ ‬testifying‭ ‬at the official NRC scoping hearings.‭ ‬New Mexican residents already suffer from the first atomic bomb detonated‭ ‬there‭ ‬in Alamogordo and‭ ‬from‭ ‬massive amounts of pollution from weapons development and waste,‭ ‬including the WIPP site that contaminated nearby Carlsbad with plutonium.‭ ‬No compensation has ever‭ ‬been‭ ‬given to‭ ‬NM‭ ‬victims by the government,‭ ‬though‭ ‬it was‭ ‬given to‭ ‘‬downwinders‭’ ‬in other states.

Haste Makes Waste Even More Dangerous

Southern California Edison hired‭ ‬nuclear contractor‭ ‬Holtec to transfer its high level waste from the cooling pools into cement holes adjacent to the popular beach‭ ‬Trestles‭ ‬in San Clemente.‭ ‬Holtec’s contract stipulated that the process be completed by early‭ ‬2019‭ ‬or they would suffer severe cuts in payment.

In early August‭ ‬2018,‭ ‬a thin walled‭ ‬canister filled with‭ ‬49‭ ‬tons‭ ‬of the San Onofre high-level radioactive waste that is being pushed by‭ ‬proposed federal bill‭ ‬HR‭ ‬3053‭ ‬to be‭ ‬transported to New‭ ‬Mexico,‭ ‬was nearly dropped‭ ‬18‭ ‬feet to concrete below.‭ ‬We’re documenting the whistleblower’s statements and quaking at the implications as this story‭ ‬continues to unfold.‭ ‬Fortunately,‭ ‬the utility operator,‭ ‬Southern California Edison,‭ ‬has halted‭ ‬(temporarily‭) ‬the loading of the high level fuel from the cooling pool into the concrete on the beach where the near-miss occurred.‭ ‬The catastrophe could have rivaled Fukushima if the‭ ‬5/8inch thin stainless steal canister holding the‭ ‬49‭ ‬tons would have ruptured.‭ ‬The engineering defect that caused the near miss,‭ ‬which‭ ‬had‭ ‬happened once before and hadn’t been fixed,‭ ‬may cause other problems‭ ‬by‭ ‬scratching or gouging the canister sides.‭ ‬This could speed up seaside corrosion leading to through-wall cracking of the thin containers that hold the intensely irradiated‭ ‬fuel.‭ ‬ This‭ ‬fuel‭ ‬is what’s called‭ ‘‬high burn up‭’ ‬that is super‭ ‬thermally and radioactively hot.‭ ‬Higher heat speeds up the already short time it can take to corrode through‭ ‬5/8‭ ‬in.‭ ‬stainless steel‭ (‬16‭ ‬years.‭)‬ The zirconium cladding enclosing the irradiated fuel combusts in the presence of oxygen so‭ ‬through-wall cracks that allow air into the canister‭ ‬could lead to a disastrous fire.‭ ‬ A hot enough fire could spread to the‭ ‬29‭ ‬other canisters close by,‭ ‬each canister holding as much plutonium as the Nagasaki bomb.‭ ‬All this and more will be in our documentary Shutdown.

Climate change‭ ‬is causing‭ ‬rapid‭ ‬sea rise‭ ‬that‭ ‬will‭ ‬also‭ ‬affect the waste containers‭ ‬stored only‭ ‬108‭ ‬ft.‭ ‬from the edge of the ocean and only‭ ‬31‭ ‬inches above the current ground water level.‭ ‬ The utility is in a hurry to‭ ‬remove this fuel from the cooling pool and‭ ‬load these canisters onto the beach.‭ ‬They then want to destroy the expensive cooling pool that is the only method of handling the waste‭ ‬to save money.‭ ‬The utility then can‭ ‬release their liability for the waste to the DOE.‭ ‬Our blog:‭ ‬We Almost Lost SoCal

We’re also facilitating information flow between the San Onofre activists and the Mothers for Peace‭ ‬who are also‭ ‬working on high level waste management at Diablo Canyon by sharing informative video clips.

Exposing California’s National Nuclear Bomb Shop


As we have done for the last several years,‭ ‬we have partnered with Tri-Valley CAREs and the Western States Legal Foundation to report on yearly non-violent rallies and demonstrations at Livermore Laboratory commemorating Hiroshima Day.‭ ‬This year we produced YouTube posts and cable programs covering the‭ ‬riveting talks at the event.‭ ‬These talks contain‭ ‬crucial‭ ‬information that is rarely heard yet‭ ‬avoiding‭ ‬planetary destruction hinges on people understanding it and taking action.

  • 2‭ ‬one-hour segments for cablecast at regional‭ ‬and national stations

  • 7‭ ‬individual speaker clips posted on-line at YouTube.com/EON3‭ ‬and our blog:‭ ‬UN No Nukes Day

Catalyzing‭ ‬Push Back to Wireless‭ ‬5G‭ “‬Small Cells‭”


The trillion dollar wireless telecom industry wants to force cities and counties to allow installation of powerful microwave and millimeter wave emitting antennas‭ ‬(called‭ ‘‬small cells‭’) ‬along the public rights of way close to homes,‭ ‬schools,‭ ‬businesses,‭ ‬parks,‭ ‬day care centers,‭ ‬health facilities,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬AT&T,‭ ‬Verizon,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬want to use publicly owned streetlights and utility owned poles to install these‭ ‬5G‭ ‬(fifth generation‭) ‬antennas every‭ ‬500‭ ‬ft or so.‭ ‬If one carrier is allowed to install,‭ ‬all other carriers must be allowed,‭ ‬according to law.‭ ‬There are at least seven carriers in the Bay Area,‭ ‬for instance.‭ ‬Every pole could be loaded with‭ ‬bristling electronics‭; ‬overloaded poles have‭ ‬already‭ ‬caused many fires throughout California.

The FCC is mandating rules that prevent oversight,‭ ‬appropriate fees and any health considerations by local government officials.‭ ‬Studies show people within a‭ ‬1,500‭ ‬ft.‭ ‬radius of cell towers are dramatically sickened.‭ ‬Thousands of peer reviewed studies are showing health and environmental damage from manmade wireless radiation.‭ ‬Densifying intense‭ ‬microwave‭ ‬radiation from wireless‭ ‬3G‭ & ‬4G‭ ‬antennas‭ ‬in spray patterns plus‭ ‬adding‭ ‬phased array directed millimeter beams‭ ‬to people‭ ‬holding devices‭ ‬along the streets and into‭ ‬close by‭ ‬homes,‭ ‬businesses,‭ ‬schools,‭ ‬etc.,‭ ‬would be a public health and environmental‭ ‬disaster‭!‬ Industry says it needs this for the internet of things and for providing HD TV and internet wirelessly to compete with Comcast.

We’ve been testifying at public meetings,‭ ‬organizing with others and‭ ‬sharing the clear scientific evidence of harm from‭ ‬wireless‭ ‬radiofrequency radiation‭ (‬RF/EMF‭) ‬and information‭ ‬not only about the problems with the‭ ‬5G rollout,‭ ‬but also about the solution.‭ ‬Our blog:‭ ‬Why Fry the Planet‭? ‬5G as Existential Threat

MB describes documented health impacts of EMF to the Marin County Board of Supervisors  Jim advocates for a safer alternative to 5G, municipally owned optical fiber networks at a Fairfax City Council meeting. (Public video frame grabs.)

MB describes documented health impacts of EMF to the Marin County Board of Supervisors

Jim advocates for a safer alternative to 5G, municipally owned optical fiber networks at a Fairfax City Council meeting. (Public video frame grabs.)

We’ve published an article on the situation and we’ve been quoted in both the Marin Independent Journal and the Pt.‭ ‬Reyes Light.‭ ‬We’ve helped to get the attention of the elected officials in Mill Valley,‭ ‬San Rafael,‭ ‬Fairfax and the Board of Supervisors.‭ ‬We’re involved with helping to organize an informational forum for Mayors,‭ ‬Supervisors and the public early next year on this issue.‭ ‬We catalyzed renewed interest in fiber optic to the premises as a superlative alternative to‭ ‬5G wireless internet and TV.‭ ‬The in-depth white paper by Dr.‭ ‬Timothy Schoechle,‭ ‬PhD, ‭“‬Re-Inventing Wires:‭ ‬The Future of Landlines and Networks‭”‬, is a useful public policy report on the Internet and the future of landlines and wireless networks,‭ ‬recently published online by the National Institute for Science,‭ ‬Law‭ & ‬Public Policy‭ (‬NISLAPP‭) ‬in Washington,‭ ‬D.C.‭ (‬members of EON’s board.‭)

EON‭ ‬Media‭ ‬Year in Review

Our‭ ‬YouTube Channel now has‭ ‬45‭ ‬new video reports‭ ‬-‭ ‬from election protection to wireless radio-frequency pollution‭ ‬(we now have‭ ‬720‭ ‬videos on YT‭)

Our‭ ‬EON3.org portal‭ ‬page has been updated.

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